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Sunbelt continues to set the pace among PL/B language providers by being the first and only company to offer ODBC support for our ISAM and AAM files. This package provides ODBC-enabled applications transparent access to your existing application data files. Instead of trying to satisfy your ad-hoc and reporting problems with a single canned solution, why not let your end user select the package best suited to his needs? All you need to provide is access to the data with SUNODBC.

SUNODBC works by making your PL/B data appear as though it is a SQL database to Windows applications. You begin by creating a data dictionary of the files you wish to provide to the users. This dictionary or schema file is a text file containing the PL/B file name, field and key information. Once the schema file is complete, all that is left to do is run the SUNODBC setup utility on the end user's workstation. That's it! Your user is ready to access the data directly from his Windows application.

SUNODBC comes in three configurations:

  1. Single User - Permits one user at a time to access the PL/B files.
  2. Single Server- Permits unlimited users access to PL/B files located on a single server.
  3. Multi-Server - Permits unlimited users access to PL/B files located on any number of servers.

ODBC-enabled applications include all your favorite Windows products such as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Almost all Windows applications have ODBC capability. SUNODBC is an enhanced ODBC product designed to optimize performance based upon available ISAM and AAM indices. Data may even be accessed concurrently with PL/B applications.

There are no prerequisites for other Sunbelt products. You do not need Sunbelt Visual PL/B or PL/B:DOS to use this product.

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