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Data Manager

The Sunbelt Data Manager adds exciting new features to any networked PL/B configuration. If you are currently using any of our Windows or Unix Sunbelt language products in a networked environment, you really need to take a look at what the Data Manager has to offer. With the Data Manager, you can:

  • Improve performance of network based ISAM and AAM accesses
  • Relieve network congestion caused by disk accesses
  • Enhance data security by using encrypted communications
  • Free client resources for other tasks
  • Create a single point of control for the management of shared files
  • Simplify the interface between various operating systems
  • Replicate your data to up to 3 additional Data managers with automatic rollover capability.

With the Data Manager, a program requests a record via a sequential, random, ISAM, or AAM access. The Data Manager locates the record at the server using its local data files. Once the requested record has been found, the Data Manager sends only the data record back to the program. The Data Manager has been implemented in such a way that no programming changes or recompilations of your existing programs are required. You simply create a new file (Managed File Descriptor) using the MAKEMFD utility and describe the physical location of the actual data file. When a program opens the MFD, it will automatically link to the file on the server. You can also avoid using the Managed File Descriptor by adding the TCP/IP address of the Data Manager to the file name on the OPEN statement.


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